What if you discovered you had the power to make whatever you thought of come to life. That'd be pretty awesome, right? Not so much for Kyler Bird. He doesn't have time for that!

Kyler's childhood imaginary friend Booker isn't about to take 'no' for an answer. He's determined to break Kyler's crippling mental block...by any means possible.

With a blend of childlike whimsy and down to earth observation, W.A.T.S.O.N Your Mind? explores the valuable role creativity plays in the lives of each one of us.

Suitable for a general audience.

Parents are advised to view WYM before sharing with their children.

27th May 2024


'Self Sabotage's eBook version is online to read.

NEW SHORT: "Birdy Bias" is also now online to watch!


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Opening Titles [WIP]

001 Where There's a Whim, There's a Way

Booker wakes to discover things aren't quite the same as when he left them.

002 Self Sabotage

Booker's eagerness to help ends up having the opposite effect.

This episode is in comic novel format.


001 Overactive Imagination

Kyler visits a psychologist about his constant disturbances, but he's not telling the full story.

002 Wake-Up Call

When it comes to getting Kyler out of bed, Booker's empathy is lacking.

003 Interior Motives

Kyler's inner man is feeling a little overburdened.

004 Moving the Goalposts

Kyler gives himself a temporary athletic makeover, but he may not be cut out for football

005 On The Edge

Booker isn't content with enjoying the view.

006 Bored Games

Booker persuades Kyler to try out some board games on a rainy weekend afternoon.

007 Urban Myth #37

Dispelling common fallacies.

008 Patience

It needs work.

009 Birdy Bias

Booker is frustrated at Kyler's neglect...for a few moments.


010 Slip of the Truth

Kyler ponders over the reading on his bathroom scales.


011 Besides That

Trisha is eager to meet Booker.


012 Fun Quota

Booker plays accountant.

Can't Have One...

...without the other.

Open the Hype Gates!

Booker's excited for a certain plumber movie.


Overactive Imagination

Commentary Track


Overactive Imagination

Commentary Track [Bonus]

Contains episode 1 spoilers


Where There's a Whim, There's a Way

Commentary Track