Kyler Bird started out like a lot of young people do - creative, curious and full of vitality. He ended up like a lot of adults do too - as a stressed-out wreck with those positive facets drummed out of him. Lately, Kyler has found himself in the presence of his childhood imaginary friend - a tangible version of him at that. If that wasn't enough, Kyler's thoughts have begun manifesting themselves into reality. Never mind the scientific implications, Kyler isn't sure he can handle this sort of chaos with the other chaos happening in his life.


Booker is sprightly and optimistic by nature, with a mission he's determined to complete - and that is getting Kyler back to being the upbeat, imaginative person he remembers. Problematically, this is often at the expense of Kyler's own sanity.




Patricia Ronwy is a vibrant, accommodating soul who is still trying to understand her place in the world. As a result, she can come across as rather indecisive - flitting from idea to idea and dabbling in trends that grab her curiosity. Usually forward and cheerful, Trisha also has a more anxious side, particularly if someone (like her older brother Kyler) is suffering. Unlike her changing interests, Trisha holds fast to her standards.




Gregory Jason is Kyler's flatmate, and a typically easygoing guy with an affinity for nature, who is more or less comfortable with being himself. Having known Kyler for twelve years, Greg was certain he had his best friend sussed. This certainty is about to change...



Terri Shelbourne is kindly, cheerful and often responsible for pulling Kyler back into line when his workaholism causes him to neglect basic needs. Being Head of Administration at Wingfield, her ability to multitask seemingly knows no bounds. She also harbours a secret love of cartoons, but has yet to find anyone at her workplace who shares these interests.


Jake Brackley is all about maintenance at Wingfield. More often than not you'll see him half buried in some machine or other, smeared with oil and grease. He's a light-hearted sort who loves to tease people, and is very good with children.


Craig Stubbs is one of Wingfield's many hardworking delivery drivers. Chilled but nonetheless reliable, Craig takes the rushed schedules and tight deadlines in his stride.


June Welcher takes care of business on the medical and catering fronts of Wingfield. Her excellent memory and knack for keeping her wits in a crisis serve her well in these departments.


Nolan Kernesky is second in command at Wingfield, and is all about efficiency. Smooth to the clients and stern to the employees, Nolan knows how to get matters in order for optimum profits.


~More characters will be introduced as the series progresses!~