The seed of W.A.T.S.O.N Your Mind? was planted as far back as 2005, however the main thrust of the idea didn't emerge until 2008. Between this year and the series' launch in 2014, time was taken to explore Kyler and Booker's personalities through animated drafts.

While the story centres on an adult character, WYM is designed to be viewable by all ages. It has its share of comedy and drama, a big helping of fantasy-laced sci-fi, as well as exploring creativity and the role it plays in everyday life. Around 11 stories are planned, as well as a few shorts, though this number may vary as the project progresses.



GEMMA BRIGHT has been making comics from 7 years of age. Her first online venture into comics happened around 2002 with the launch of 'Number 85', an experiment which lasted about four years. She has also created a few comics based in the world of Pokémon.

Working on animated projects since 2004 has given Gemma a lot more experience in staging scenes, a tool she hopes to use to improve her comic work.