What if you discovered you had the power to make whatever you thought of come to life. That'd be pretty awesome, right? Not so much for Kyler Bird, a man with a 9 to 5 job and a huge mental block his imaginary friend Booker is intent on breaking...by any means possible.

W.A.T.S.O.N Your Mind? is a story set in the real world with sci-fi elements, and aimed at a general audience.


001 Where There's a Whim, There's a Way

Booker wakes to discover things aren't quite the same as when he left them.


001 Overactive Imagination

Kyler visits a psychologist about his constant disturbances, but he's not telling the full story.

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Jonathan Cassou

Staci Murphy

Edwyn Tiong

Carl Brooks

Gregor Fergus Arnott

Julie Collins

Andrew Roloson

Michael Liotta

Skye Sonomura

Belsheber Rusape

Adam Rowe


who kindly contributed their voices to the project.




Malcolm Thomas | Mike Liotta | John Bagazinski | Mike Murray | Jonathan Cassou | Philippa Gissing

| Solomon Mars | Verna Corbin | Denise Rockwell | Maggie Nelson | Susan van Deursen